Foundation Inspections

free foundation inspections

Done Right Foundation Repair offers free foundation inspections for any homeowners seeking advice on a potential foundation repair job. If you are a buyer under option for a home, or an interested third party, we also offer a pre-buy inspection process for a one-time fee of $175. Our pre-buy inspection is the perfect way to determine whether a home you’re interested in purchasing is hiding foundation issues.

Our Process

Exterior Analysis

The first step in any foundation repair process is determining if there is any visible damage related to foundation instability. Our inspectors will walk the outside of your home searching for visible cracks, uneven ground, or damage to the exterior walls.

Interior Wall and Floor Inspection

Cracks along interior walls are another clear sign of foundation damage. Our inspectors will determine whether any cracking in your drywall or along brick walls constitutes the need for foundation repair. In addition, we will test that your floor is even and level, as low spots in the floor can also indicate foundation problems.

Precision Leveling Analysis

If your foundation has become unsteady, it is likely that doors, door frames, and even stairs may have shifted out of level. This may result in your doors sticking when you open or close them, stairs beginning to creak or shift, and can indicate a serious foundation issue beneath your home. Our inspectors can examine and measure the level of all doors and door frames to be sure they are set straight and even.

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