House Leveling

  • House Leveling

Fix Sticking Doors and Uneven Floors

As foundation settles, the leveling done by your foundation construction company may falter. Our Foundation repair experts in Texas level foundations to raise a house’s lowest point to match the level of its highest point.

Leveling houses on concrete slabs

Concrete slabs are completely solid and require deep excavation to be repaired and leveled. Our foundation repair specialists have to dig around and underneath the slab to be able to safely bring in the necessary tools to the interior and grade beams as well as the pilings of the slab.

Once excavation is complete, our team can conduct repairs based on the problems we discover, which may include:

  • Rotten pilings
  • Pilings not installed deeply enough
  • Cracked foundation
  • Settled earth that has sunk

We provide multiple solutions for these problems:

  • Installing new concrete pilings
  • Hydraulic jacking with shims to maintain support

In most cases, concrete slabs will require additional support once leveled to prevent further leveling problems in the same areas. Leveling may also need to be coupled with foundation repair to ensure that it stays level through additional settling.

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    Leveling houses on pier and beam systems

    Pier and beam leveling requires a less invasive approach than that of concrete slab leveling. We can identify leveling issues from inside of your home and perform repairs with minimal excavation.

    Areas where soil has shifted and caused the balance of the house’s weight to move weaken faster because their support is less sturdy. The supports in weak areas must be reinforced with additional piers, beams, or posts after being raised to an appropriate level.

    Why should I trust Done Right Foundation?

    Done Right Foundation Repair performs all types of house leveling with precision and care. We take great pride in the quality of our:


    Our excavations are closely supervised so as not to compromise the integrity of your existing foundation. Even extensive digging is kept minimal so we don’t interfere with your lawn and garden.


    We use only the best materials and tools for each and every foundation repair job we get. We are experts with the tools we use and only work with top quality wood, steel, and concrete for maximum stability.

    Repair Specialists

    When our repair experts walk away from a job, they take note of ways to improve the process and drive a higher quality service. We get better with every new job we do – and we’ve been doing jobs for over 20 years.

    • Make sure your next house leveling project is undertaken by a company of foundation repair experts you can trust. Call Done Right Foundation Repair at (512) 243-9991 today to receive an on-site estimate and get your house back in top shape.