Pier and Beam Foundation

  • post and beam foundations

post and beam foundations

Pier and beam foundations, also called post and beam foundations, are elevated substructures made from piers and beams. The piers provide stability from the ground, while the beams distribute the weight of the house across the piers evenly.

What are the advantages of pier and beam foundations?

A pier and beam foundation rests on joists, or planks, that run across the floor to help keep support even. The joists are placed on piers made of wood and concrete that rely on the stability of the soil beneath them to provide support for the weight of your house.

Because of their structure, pier and beam foundations provide:

Extra stability

The clay soil of north Texas has an advantage when coupled with pier and beam foundations. The fine grains that make up clay are pliable when moist and brittle when dry. Piers can move together with moist clay and won’t break dry clay because of their even weight distribution.

Crawl space

Since the joists that support your house are lifted about 18 inches from the ground, there is room for you or a repairman to move underneath the foundation. Having a crawl space is handy when problems arise with your foundation needs a quick fix.

Simple repairs

Most repairs for a pier and beam foundation can be done through the crawlspace below your home. This cuts down on excavation and invasive procedures when it comes time to repair or upgrade an ailing pier or beams that have begun to rot and weaken.

Flexible floors

Because the floors don’t rest on a rigid concrete slab, your body absorbs less shock as you walk across your floors. The beams give just enough to provide strong support for your home while making your step significantly more comfortable and easier on your joints.

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What are the vulnerabilities of pier and beam foundation?

The open space below your house creates an area where air can flow and moisture can invade. Without a dense, moisture-resistant foundation, your house can suffer from:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Damage to wood
  • Rodents and insects
  • Temperature control problems
  • Sagging and creaking
  • Pooling water

To prevent such problems, have your pier and beam foundation regularly inspected and maintained. If you noticed problems with moisture or weakening joists, call a foundation specialist immediately.

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