New Construction

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Building a New Foundation?

A properly laid foundation will increase the value of a home, ensure that its structure stays robust for the life of the home, and prevent the destruction and decay of your home.

Types of new foundation construction


A tough concrete slab foundation is a reinforced, poured concrete block that sits on well-crafted, sturdy footing. Done Right Foundation makes sure that slab foundations are well-insulated to prevent leaking and cracking from dirt and moisture.

Pier and Beam

A pier and beam foundation is an older style of foundation construction that uses an elevated substructure of wooden beams connected to floor joists. They provide a different level of support than concrete slab foundations and come with their own pros and cons.

Why choose Done Right Foundation Repair?

  • Our foundations are made to support the national average 50 ton home and beyond. We ensure that your foundation dries correctly and take steps to keep it dry for the life of your home. Our team of experts also takes steps to prevent cracks that occur when the earth around your foundation shifts. We use quality materials in a structure with unmatched strength to keep your foundation firm for as long as possible.

Expert Construction Technique

The foundation professionals at Done Right Foundation take extra steps that allow our foundations to stay stronger and last longer than our competition.

Dense Backfill

We’ll make sure that the fill we use in your foundation is nonporous. Dirt and clay that seep into the pores in foundation filling allow moisture to be trapped within the foundation and put its integrity at risk when that moisture freezes and melts.

A backfill that is extra-dense prevents soil from invading your foundation, preventing cracks due to frequent weather changes.

Slow Drying Concrete

Concrete that dries slowly has a better chance of reaching its maximum strength. We take the time to allow your concrete to settle while wet and reach its potential strength so you can avoid repairs later.

Thorough Tamping

Concrete that isn’t compacted to the full extent is vulnerable to settling and cracking. The more untamped concrete is able to move, the weaker its innate structural strength will be. We compact your concrete so it can reach its full density.

Single Pour

When a previous day’s concrete fill is allowed to cool and dry before putting on a new layer, it creates a seam where the new concrete is unable to fully merge with the old concrete. By pouring filling in a single pour, we can ensure optimal strength.

A dry, dense, tough foundation will stay for the life of your house and beyond. Call Done Right Foundation today to get an estimate for your new foundation and get started building your dream home!