Foundation Repair in Austin and San Antonio

Done Right Foundation Repair owner Chris is an expert at foundation repair. He knows the value of trust when working with equipment and materials that will affect the foundation of your home or business. He looks for the same qualities in each of his expert repairmen and women to continue his legacy of fast, friendly foundation repair.

Chris works directly with you to ensure that he and his team have a full view of the scope of your project and know how to approach it with safety and efficiency in mind. Done Right Foundation’s 20+ years of experience in the industry means we know the most advanced foundation repair techniques and use top-of-the-line equipment to make sure that every part of your job, from digging to leveling and beyond, meets our high-quality standards.

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Friendly, Efficient Foundation Repair

Done Right uses multiple techniques to approach unique repair situations all over the Austin and San Antonio area. Done Right Foundation Repair can assess the extent of foundation damage on your property and develop a strategy for repairing it. We’ll keep you informed as we discover the source of your foundation issues and propose a proper method and plan for repair.

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5 Types of Foundation Repair!

One of the only companies in Texas that offers 5 types of foundation repair!

  • Concrete Press Pile – popular for single story homes
  • Steel Inter Locking Piers – for large projects and two-story homes
  • Drilled Bell Bottom Piers – for most commercial buildings
  • Cast-In-Place/Pour-In-Place – used for most patios and pier-and-beam homes
  • Block & Base – most economical for pier & beam homes

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Identifying Foundation Problems

Are you buying or selling a house with foundation problems? Are you worried that your house might have a settling foundation? Learn more about how to identify foundation issues in your home!

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Under Slab Plumbing Break Repair

A faulty foundation can break your underground pipes. To repair these leaks, you need special equipment and techniques to pinpoint the location of the needed repairs. Done Right can locate, access, and repair the leaks to provide you with years of stability.

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Pier & Beam Leveling

As foundation ages, piers under a structure crack from the weight of the building they support. Most piers are original or have been replaced with concrete and have no rebar. Restoring the damage with the right type of replacement pier is key to a stable foundation.

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Solid Slab Repair

The weight of a structure can slowly push the structure further into the ground. With enough time, the structure will settle enough to cause the foundation to be compromised. Our experts can come up with a plan of repair and raise the structure as close to its original location as possible.

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Finance Your Job

Get your Done Right Foundation Repair project off the ground with financing available in-house. Don’t worry about the cost of your work keeping you from getting started. With our financing, you can begin your project as soon as we provide an estimate!

Plus, our work is backed by our no-strings-attached transferable warranty. It’s a simple warranty with a simple premise – we believe in the integrity of our work.

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